Your daily data (Steps, Km/Mile, Kcal and Min) should reset automatically at midnight only, ready to track for a new day (previous days data is saved in 7 Day Memory Mode). A possible reason that your pedometer is resetting unexpectedly may be due to your time setting. If you selected 12hr time format during set up, make sure that a 'P' icon is displayed to the left of the time to represent PM time, or an 'A' icon for AM time (e.g. so the pedometer will reset at 12 midnight, not 12 noon).

Another reason may be due to viewing the incorrect mode:

Your 3DTriFit Pedometer has 7 Modes. These display on the top of the screen as you browse through them by pressing the MODE button (Time, Step, km/Mile, Kcal, Speed, Timer, Day 1 Step).

The first 5 modes listed below DO reset at midnight ready to track for a new day: (As long as the correct time is set on your pedometer)

Step Mode ('Step' icon) - Daily step count.

Distance Mode ('Km' or 'Mile' icon) - Daily distance traveled.

Calories Mode ('Kcal' icon) - Daily calories burnt.

Speed Mode ('SPEED' icon) - Average speed of walking.

Timer Mode ('TIMER' icon) - Time spent walking/in motion.

The last mode listed below does not reset at midnight as this mode simply displays your previous days data (for up to 7 days):

7 Day Memory Mode (also uses the 'Step' icon however 'DAY 1' is also displayed on the top-right of the screen) - Allows you to view previous days data (1 day ago will display as 'DAY 1', then 'DAY 2', 'DAY 3'..) In this mode, press RESET to browse each previous day, then press SET to browse through your records for the selected day.

If you need further support or have any questions, please contact us by clicking on the 'New support ticket' option on the top-right of this page, or simply chat to us by selecting the 'Need help?' bar on the bottom-right of this page. You can also get in touch by replying to the email that we sent you when you purchased your pedometer.