Before you start setup, please prepare/note down your information/selections for each setup step: TIME FORMAT, TIME, DATE, YEAR, MILE or KM, STRIDE LENGTH, WEIGHT and DAILY STEP GOAL.
**The pedometer will exit setup mode if no buttons are pressed within 10 seconds (you will know that you are on setup mode whenever you see flashing numbers/icons on the screen waiting to be set)**

1. Make sure that you are in Step Mode (Hit the MODE button until you see the 'Step' icon at the top of the screen AND the TIME displayed on the bottom half of the screen)('-01 Days Record' must NOT be displayed). Setup/settings can only be accessed from Step Mode.

2. Hold down SET until you see 12Hr or 24Hr flashing.

3. Hit MODE to switch to 12Hr or 24Hr time format and press SET to confirm.

4. Hit SET to confirm seconds.

5. Hit MODE or RESET to choose your hour, then press SET.

6. Hit MODE or RESET to choose your minutes, then press SET.

7. Hit MODE or RESET to choose your month, then press SET.

8. Hit MODE or RESET to choose your day, then press SET.

9. Hit MODE or RESET until you reach 2017, then press SET.

10. Hit MODE to switch 'In' (MILE) or 'Cm' (KM), then press SET.

11. Hit MODE or RESET to choose your stride length, then press SET.

12. Hit MODE or RESET to choose your weight, then press SET.

13. Hit MODE or RESET to choose your daily step target, then press SET.

Your pedometer is now set up, you will once again see the Step icon at the top of the screen.

If you need further support or have any questions, please contact us by clicking on the 'New support ticket' option on the top-right of this page, or simply chat to us by selecting the 'Need help?' bar on the bottom-right of this page. You can also get in touch by replying to the email that we sent you when you purchased your pedometer.